12th June was marked as a special day for the USAID Higa Ubeho FFS beneficiaries at Kabarondo sector under a project being funded by USAID through Global Communities and being implemented by YWCA Rwanda.

That is when the long waited animal fair was organized. This function brought together different officers whose presence was greatly felt by the beneficiaries like; the Catholic Relief Service senior Agronomist, the sector Agronomist and the village chiefs.

“I urge you to take great care of the small livestock you have got and where possible, keep them to those beneficiaries residing near your Farmer field demonstration schools so that it may be easy for them to use the manure from the animals to these fields”, said the Catholic Relief Service Senior Agronomist MR. Zacharie Manirarora while addressing the beneficiaries during the animal fair.

Some of the field officers got a chance of getting views of some beneficiaries about the animal fair activity as follow.
My name is Niyonsaba Antoinette a member of the Abahuzamugambi FFs. I am so honored getting these goats from the USAID Higa Ubeho project.

I see myself having a bright future with both the farmer field schools full of all the techniques of gardens and the small live stock. I believe I will be able to pay for my children’s school fees and get them the health insurance.