A seed being a central part of a farmer’s life, the USAID Higa Ubeho project designed the seed fair activity for the beneficiaries as the most valuable activity to be carried out. YWCA Rwanda one of the implementing organizations of the USAID Higa Ubeho project organized a seed fair in the four sectors where it is implementing it.

The importance of this fair was to give the beneficiaries of the project the seeds which they can plant during the planting season. The policy of distributing vouchers to the beneficiaries to be used during the seed fair, gave them ample time to select the seeds they needed. This action started on 26th Feb 2014 with two sectors (Nyamirama-Gikaya cell-Kiyanja village and Mukarange sector-Kayonza cell- Kibugiza village. This was dominated by women and to the many vendors who heard about the seed fair were quick to react and they brought what the beneficiaries needed. Among them were the vegetable seeds like carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, among others and seeds like beans, soya, and maize were common in this fair. It was observed that due to the fact that the beneficiaries were taught the value of nutrition in their groups, they rushed to buy the vegetable seeds because they knew the importance of food nutrition.
On 28th February 2014, the seed fair was conducted in Ruramira sector-Ruyonza cell and Kabarondo sector-Rusera cell. This was attended by the Agronomist officers from Catholic relief services and the one from Kayonza district who were there to officiate over the seed fair. In his remarks, the district agronomist appreciated what the project had done for his community.

The project manager together with the Monitoring and Evaluation officer from YWCA Rwanda accompanied the two Agronomist officers to the nearby farmer field demonstration school to see what had been taught to the beneficiaries. While in the farmer field school, the district agronomist was delighted by what the project had done to the citizens.

Some of the challenges that the seed fair experienced were rain that disrupted the vendors and the beneficiaries on 26th the day the action was started and also some venders raising the prices of some seeds especially the beans a thing that called for serious negotiations for them to lower their prices. However, all in all, the fair went on well. It is one of the activities that were liked by the USAID Higa Ubeho project beneficiaries.