Awarding of the best performing Internal Saving and Lending Groups (ISLGs) under USAID/ HIGA UBEHO Program

USAID/ HIGA UBEHO Program started being implemented by YWCA Rwanda in Kayonza District since August 2013 in partnership with Global Communities in order to build resilience among the most vulnerable populations of the four sectors in which the program operates notably; Kabarondo, Mukarange, Ruramira and Nyamirama. Through interventions at the household and community levels, the ultimate aim is to lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children, resulting in greater prosperity for the country.

Internal Saving and Lending Groups (ISLGs) are key to help beneficiaries build resilience through equipping them with saving and lending skills, social funds, financial literacy and income generating activities. In this regards, YWCA Rwanda has established 175 ISLGs equivalent to 4268 beneficiaries and are contributing to their mind set transformation and those in the neighboring communities.
In the context of promoting ISLG’s establishment of a common clear vision through USAID/ UBEHO in partnership with Global community, YWCA awarded 16 best performer ISLGs from 16 Cells in which the program operates.

The event took place at every sector office among the four and brought together stakeholders composed of Program staff, local authorities and financial institutions staff. Bringing financial institution agents, YWCA intended to connect ISLGs so that they can hear from them what they do and different opportunities of working with them.
Joy and happiness, motivation and commitment were evident in the eyes of beneficiaries and local leaders were full of promise and hope towards achievement of the sustainable development they strive for their communities to achieve.

Beneficiaries appreciated the recognition though they know that activities are theirs, but this strengthened their work towards achieving improved economic, food security and nutrition status.
YWCA will keep working hand in hand with USAID/ HIGA UBEHO beneficiaries in striving to build their respective households’ resilience.