Under KGAS (MFITICYEREKEZO) Project, girls’ clubs in Nyaruguru District had competitions among themselves to showcase their skills. The competitions took place in the 10 schools where KGAS is being implemented. The main theme of the competitions was “Girls Education” given by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) in March when it was preparing the celebration of the International women’s day. KGAS Club competitions focused on four areas: drama, songs, poems and stories on four different specific themes which included:

• Reducing girls’ drop outs;
• Improving girls’ performance;
• Girls’ retention at school;
• Goals setting and achievement.
The competitions were organized by KGAS leadership to attain the following objectives:
 To motivate girls grouped into clubs;
 To support girls’ clubs of saving at school with the competition prizes;
 To help girls develop their talents and show how they understand the KGAS project .
 To create a better environment of the project intervention.
During the competitions, girls proved to be skilled and that they are using their talents to depict their problems in their lives especially related to their education, culture and tradition not forgetting that they are conscious about rights and hindrances to their education.