With the global theme “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Gender-Based Violence!” YWCA Rwanda joined the rest of the world in the 16 days of activism against gender based violence for the 6th time since 2009. This year, the campaign took place from November 25 to December 10th 2014 in Muhanga District and was in Partnership with OXFAM.
Prior to the launching ceremony held in Muhanga, YWCA Rwanda conducted different sensitization campaigns in 3 sectors of Muhanga District which are Kabacuzi, Mushishiro and Kiyumba.

The following activities were conducted for this particular occasion:

o Media campaign (Radios, TVs, news papers and online news portals) calling upon everyone to fight against violence of any kind.
o Bringing together families that had been affected by domestic violence along with those living in harmony to share experiences.
o Delivering public lectures to the community about gender based violence as a crime against humanity in partnership with Rwanda National Police,
o Sensitization of local authorities to enhance their efforts in fighting against violence of any kind
o Sensitization of Rwandans to contribute to ending human trafficking.
o Provide training on how to give first aid to people whose rights are violated.

YWCA Rwanda received testimonies from different families which were in domestic conflicts but had changed course and were very committed to ending domestic violence. On December 5th 2014, there was a launch of the campaign in Muhanga District started by the walk against gender based violence with the Theme “No Excuse to gender based violence”. On that day residents of Muhanga rallied against violence targeting women. In her speech, YWCA Legal Representative Mrs Kaligirwa Ernestine said that whatever had been discussed during the 16 days should be carried on to promote a violence free society.

The guest of honor who was the Muhanga District Executive Secretary thanked YWCA Rwanda and OXFAM for choosing Muhanga to act as the role model.
The participants were entertained by the renowned Rwandan artist TUYISHIME Joshua aka Jay Polly. His message called upon his fans to fight violence against women.

YWCA Rwanda Appreciated the support from OXFAM as well as Muhanga District officials for the support they offered to make the ceremony colorful.