THE POWER OF DREAMS: From hopeless to resilient life and giving hope to families

From SHYIRA village, six years passed when he was hopeless, a street boy, in drug abuse, living in miserable life and being a burden to the community; supported by YWCA Rwanda through Giving Hope Program, he currently lives resilient life and can give hope to many other orphans & vulnerable children and families through social and financial support as well as employment provision.
Who is Patrick ITANGISHAKA?

From Mpinga cell, shyira sector of Nyabihu District, 30 kilometers from Musanze Town, since 2007, he became an orphan after few years following the death of his two parents, from that time life became hard as he couldn’t be able to secure food, shelter but importantly he couldn’t receive psychological support from parents, the assortment of problems led him to Vunga’s street where he met miserable life, with drug abuse, risky and hopeless, from his point of view, he had thoughts of suicide as an answer to end that vicious cycle of problems.

Since 2009, YWCA Rwanda started operating in his cell with support from Church world service to support orphans and other vulnerable children through Giving Hope Program; Patrick was identified after being sensitized by friends of his family.

“The program provided psycho-social support as the primary support which was required for an orphan like me, this integrated me in the new family and brought hope and helped by YWCA staff, I drawn my guiding Dreams. I Received valuable support including life skills, seeds, small livestock and I was trained on Technical and vocational skills where I have been specifically trained in welding” Said Patrick

With support from the program and his working group, he started making income from selling drinks and food, with the income from that business, he bought a milling machine which was sold after collecting about 1012 US Dollars.

He currently owns a welding workshop and carpentry workshop both worth more than 4335 US Dollars and uses 8 permanent employees and 2 casual workers, trains carpentry and welding to other vulnerable children. He has 2 sisters at home and 4 adopted vulnerable children who are grateful of his psycho-socio, material and financial support.

He has a target of training as many children as possible but importantly, he plans to provide small livestock to 10 needy families.

He witnessed the realization of his dream drawn when he was starting in Giving hope but only two things are remaining; driving his own car and buying a business vehicle, he is optimistic to achieve it.

“My primary dreams were almost realized, I have a lot to say but strong word of gratitude to YWCA Rwanda, its staff and Church World Service make me some time quiet, but I have to express it by just supporting needy children because I was needy, I endeavor and I hope to achieve it, I dreamt to own a car and this will soon be achieved” said ITANGISHAKA Patrick.

Giving Hope Program is implemented by Young Women Christian Association (YWCA Rwanda) with support of Church World Service; its support gave hope to many children who are always grateful.