Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA – Rwanda) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that works at the grassroots level. It’s a volunteer membership organisation for women. It was established in Rwanda in February 1995, following the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis and in the response to the rising concern for the many widows and children left in its wake.

YWCA Rwanda was legally recognised by the Rwandan Government in September 2005 as Non-Governmental organisation and has the vision of seeing the world where all women live free from poverty and where they and their rights are respected – More information can be provided on

Young Women’s Christian Association of Rwanda (YWCA Rwanda) in partnership with Church World Service (CWS) will implement the “Relief support for Burundian Refugees in the Mahama Refugee Camp” which aims to address the problem of poor hygiene in the Mahama refugee camp and reducing the harmful impact of the Gender Based Violence in the camp.

Specifically, the project aims at:

  • Addressing the problem of poor hygiene in the Mahama Burundian refugee camp.
  • Using street Theater to prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Reduce the harmful impact of the GBV in Mahama Burundian Refugee camp
  • Empower community to prevent and provide psychosocial support to Victims of GBV

Therefore, YWCA Rwanda would like to recruit a qualified Theatre consultant company who will help in the identification of actors amongst refugees, write script and train identified actors on the street theatre performance.


  • Conduct field visit to learn GBV contexts in Mahama Burundian Refugee camp.
  • Set selection criteria, communicate them and select actors amongst Burundian Refugees
  • Write the GBV prevention street theater’s script and submit it to YWCA Rwanda
  • Set training schedules for actors’ training.
  • Train identified actors on street theater performance
  • Facilitate street theater rehearsals and mentoring of actors,
  • Prepare and implement 4 performances of the GBV prevention theater in the Mahama camp
  • Facilitate and direct the production of a 25 minutes documentary and fiction movie of the theater.
  • Report the work progress with the Project manager at YWCA Rwanda
  • Ensure good cooperation with YWCA Rwanda and the camp administration


This consultancy work is expected to be conducted in the period between September and November 2015


The consultant will be directly reporting to the Project manager at YWCA Rwanda


  • The consultant company should be demonstrating at least 5 years experience in Theatre development, training and film making
  • The company should have the business based in Rwanda,
  • Demonstrating prior experience in working and leading Theatre based projects
  • Have the certificate of business registration in Rwanda

Interested Consultant firms are welcomed to send their Technical and financial proposals each in a separate sealed envelope with the subject of the consultancy to be send to the following address:

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA Rwanda)
Kicukiro Opposite IPRC Kigali
KK 488st, KK15rd House 44

Addressed to:

President and Legal Representative
YWCA Rwanda
Deadline for receiving applications is 21 September 2015
Done at Kigali on 7th September, 2015.

Signed by

YWCA President

P.S. The consultant is required to comply with YWCA Rwanda’s policy and practices, requirements and Refugees’ protection policy.