SUSTAIN Exhibit Wins Annual Excellence Award

On June 9th and 10th, YWCA Rwanda staff working with the Scaling up Sweet Potato through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) project, participated in an open day event in Rwamagana District. The event brought together all development stakeholders working within Rwamagana District. YWCA staff exhibited and presented the various activities of the SUSTAIN project. SUSTAIN aims to significantly improve the nutrition, incomes and food production of Rwandan families who are chosen to be beneficiaries of the project.

The main objective of participating, was to increase awareness among residents, local leaders and district officials about the activities of YWCA related to the project and those specifically being implemented within Rwamagana District. With the intention of inciting social behavior change, staff also used the event to share skills and knowledge to citizens of the district who are not beneficiaries of the program. These presentations included information on how to improve nutrition practices and also adopt positive hygiene and eating habits.

During the event, local leaders, especially district officials, citizens and beneficiaries expressed appreciation for YWCA’s exhibit. Several attendees also shared their understanding of the issues and had discussions with YWCA staff about the activities and services being offered to citizens in Rwamagana District. At this open day, there were many district stakeholders and partners who were also exhibiting their products, activities and services. At the end of the event, YWCA Rwanda was awarded a prize cup by the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) as the best exhibitor.