YWCA RWANDA trained the Young On Board members. The Young on Board is a program that was initiated by YWCA Rwanda in 2016 and it is part of the Girl’s program. This focuses on empowering adolescents both boys and girls who have completed high school and are at the edge of transitioning to University life.
It’s therefore upon that background, that YWCA even this year organised this training for the youth who were in their holidays. The two day training brought together 14 participants 7 boys and 7 girls and this commenced on 3rd March 2017 to 4th March 2017 and this was held at YWCA headquarters (Kicukiro district). The training aimed at guiding and Educating the adolescents on a number of things like Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Leadership skills, goal setting, achieving their desired goals, planning and budgeting, non violent communication among others which all gave them a clear hope ahead of their future to become responsible citizens and influence their communities.

Upon arrival, participants were welcomed by the YWCA Rwanda program manager who oriented them about YWCA programs and later ushered in different speakers who clearly talked to the students about their success and what is needed for them to achieve their desired goals. In the area of sexual reproductive health facilitator established the need for the adolescents to acquire this knowledge. She stressed that they’re in a period that is characterized by lots of physical and emotional changes associated with puberty, as well as a period of preparation for adulthood, so the need for adequate and accurate SRHR information. Therefore, the reproductive systems of sexes, their hygiene and the Sexually transmitted diseases that affect these parts including HIV/AIDs as well as their prevention were discussed. By the end of the session, all the participants had been well informed about SRHR issues affecting young people and they all committed themselves to share the information and knowledge with other young people in order to overcome the vast SRHR challenges. Other topics discussed were budgeting and planning, non violent communication, Carrier guidance, goal setting, public speaking and all these aimed at helping the adolescents to be achievement oriented type of people to the community.

“l am really happy with the program because much as we study and gain good marks, we never have such great knowledge to excel in life because we are taught to just pass exams but lack the skills to achieve our desired dreams and goals therefore am thankful to the entire YWCA RWANDA staff for having organized such a program which restores hope ahead of our future ,l am also thankful to the parents who accepted me to be part of this opportunity because l know many of the youth who were not able to make it. It’s therefore, a chance for me to narrative for them what happened so as to acquire skills to excel in life.”Said UMUHOZA Denise.