YWCA, AJPRODHO and CARE team visited VSL Groups in Rubavu district

The joint field visit of YWCA, AJPRODHO and CARE was conducted at RUBAVU district where the Youth Employability in Informal Sector (YEIS) project is implemented. The visit was intended to evaluate the performance of VSLA in Rubavu and how VSLA methodology is applied, procedures and rules.

CARE representatives took time to introduce the team of YWCA and AJPRODHO to the existing network of village agents operating at sector level and district level in Rubavu district. According to CARE, YEIS peer educators will join this network for more consultations, good performance of VSL groups after the completion of the project especially as such networks are available throughout the country.

Three VSLA groups based in Rugererero and Rubavu sectors namely, Intarutwa mu Iterambere, Ubumwe and Intwarane were visited by the team and all three VSL group members were advised on keeping their goals and striving to reach them and improve their savings.